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Swedish Dishcloth

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Custom designed Swedish Dishclothes from Doe A Deer

For the busy woman determined to keep that kitchen spotless, the Swedish dishcloth should definitely be a go-to!

Say goodbye to constantly dealing with smelly dishrags, pilly sponges and going through rolls and rolls of paper towels with this cost-friendly substitution.

Benefits & Features:

*Reusable, absorbent dishcloth perfect for cleaning dishes, countertops, and more

*Unique, hand-illustrated designs printed with water-based ink that won’t fade

*7x8 inches of 80% biodegradable cellulose + 20% natural cotton (eco-friendly, woot!)

*A high-quality product that can last 4-6 months Saves time by requiring fewer washes than normal dishrags (toss in the washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher when it needs a good clean) Dries flat and easy to store (even though you probably won’t want to because they add such a pretty pop of color to your kitchen) Printed with water-based inks